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  1. utes. All without saying more than two sentences. Once I went a kaffemik where it was deafeningly silent
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  3. kaffemik - Zollergasse 5, 1070 Vienna, Austria - Rated 4.9 based on 123 Reviews Just wonderful! Amazing coffee with knowledgeable and friendly people..
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  5. The latest Tweets from kaffemik (@kaffemik). Pouring solutions over your problems. Zollergasse 5, 1070 Wien. Vienn
  6. You see, the kaffemik itself is much more than the special coffee or coffee cake that we'll show you here. It is as much about social institution as it is about food. The idea of a kaffemik is to host an intimate gathering with friends and family in which there happens to be yummy foods to snack on and hot drinks to keep warm

There is a popular social practice in Greenland called kaffemik, which is translated as Coffee Please in English. The original idea is that you open your house, prepare coffee and cake and for friends to visit and eat, whom usually do not stay longer than an hour Kaffemik (grønlandsk: mik for 'selskabelig sammenkomst') er egentlig et dansk ord for en traditionel grønlandsk selskabelighed, en slags åbent hus, hvor gæsterne hygger sig sammen. Ofte i op til 3-4 timer. Traditionelt er gæsten der kun, så længe det varer at drikke to kopper kaffe Services. We're happy to host workshops for you or cater to your events or conferences. These services are usually tailor-made so it is best to get in touch and tell us about your project A 'kaffemik' is actually a Danish word for a Greenlandic social gathering around a cup of coffee. Although Greenlanders are particularly keen coffee-drinkers, it is not the coffee itself that is the centre of attention, but instead the chance to get together and exchange news and indulge in small-talk about everything under the sun

Rejser er blevet inviteret til kaffemik hos familien Høegh Lukassen, der fejrer datteren Ailis otte års fødselsdag. En kaffemik, som på grønlandsk hedder kafillerneq og direkte oversat betyder at »fejre noget med kaffe«, holder grønlænderne ved livets større begivenheder The Inuit culture in Greenland is an ancient one. The ethnology of the Inuit people shows that there was a migration from Alaska and Northern Canada over thousands of years, following suit with the range of languages the are found across these regions, of which Greenlandic is a variant

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kaffemik is always a good choice fora brief visit. I really enjoy the brew of the day service where they feature coffee from all-around the world. Upvoted Mar 18 Kate Middleton Accidentally Shared What George And Charlotte Call Their Dad - And It's Just Too Cute - Duration: 12:55. STAR NEWS TODAY 1,561,597 view 17 reviews of Kaffemik Coffe is great but everything else is overpriced in my opinion. Service is friendly and quick. Kaffemik - 28 Photos & 17 Reviews - Coffee & Tea - Zollergasse 5, Neubau, Vienna, Wien, Austria - Yel At a traditional kaffemik, you will find everything the heart desires. From cakes in all sizes and shapes to freshly baked buns and Greenlandic commodities, such as seal and whale. Greenlandic commodities and specialties are different from any food you have ever tasted before, so we cannot guarantee that you will like it I anledning af GrønlandsBANKENs 50 års jubilæum den 1. juli 2017 giver banken en gave til Grønland. Gaven vil blive overrakt til Grønlands Nationalmuseum, så kig forbi museet og vær med til denne festlige begivenhed, som finder sted fredag den 18. august 2017 kl. 14.00 Det foregår udenfor Grø

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  1. Der stod i invitationen, at vi skulle medbringe en gave til den lille dreng, som skulle fejres (han fyldte 1 år). Pigerne og jeg trampede byen tynd, fordi vi jo skulle finde en dims til den lille dreng
  2. Lille flødekande og sukkerskål 150,- pr del. Stor flødekande 199,-Rund skål med 4 x ulutryk 195,-Firkantet skål med 4 forskellige tryk
  3. I anledning af GrønlandsBANKENs 50 års jubilæum den 1. juli 2017 giver banken en gave til Grønland. Gaven vil blive overrakt til Grønlands Nationalmuseum, så kig forbi museet og vær med til denne festlige begivenhed, som finder sted fredag den 18. august 2017 kl. 14.00
  4. Kaffemik. In 2014 Huber brothers thought there was no reason to drink coffee of bad quality in their offices. At the same time, a shop opposite their offices closed down and Huber brothers decided to rent this place and rebuild it into a third wave coffee shop
  5. Guide to Greenland showcases articles and blogs with detailed travel information relevant to Greenland, provided by locals, travelers, and travel writers. Guide to Greenland aims to give you the best local hints, tips, and insider knowledge before you decide where and when to live out your Greenland adventure
  6. 30. juli 2012 Kaffemik for chefens 50-års fødselsdag. Koncernchef Mikael Thinghuus fyldte 50 år i juni måned, og det blev fejret med kaffemik den 26. juli på hovedkontoret i Nuuk, hvor medarbejdernes gaver omfattede en grønlandsk hjernevrider, der skal udfordre chefens skarpe hjerne

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I andledningen af GrønlandsBankens 50 års fødselsdag, holder banken kaffemik den 24. august, flere steder i Grønland. Klik på linket og se hvad der kommer til at ske i din by: 50 års fødselsdag og kaffemik . Læs også: GrønlandsBANKEN giver gave og holder kaffemik 1. Go to Kaffemik (or host your own) - Kaffemik is a get-together of one's family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to celebrate exciting life events like a new baby, a baby's christening, a child's first day of school, birthdays, confirmations, weddings, a new house, etc. As host, you spend days baking and cooking in advance to.

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Greenland House originally started when the many Greenlandic clubs and societies wanted their own premises. Copenhagen Council donated the first part of the start capital as a gift in connection with the town's 800th anniversary in 1967 This gave the town great wealth. Now it's on the way to oblivion with declining job opportunities and connections to mainland. The local community center hosts a traditional Greenlandic kaffemik, best described as a friendly gathering with coffee, cake and traditional dances and music A kaffemik is definitely an experience. I am in awe of the hard work these ladies put into each one. For days before the kaffemik the lady of the house will be hard at work, there will be several different types of cakes and sweets, many different types of meat and fish, potatoes and sometimes different salads Kaffemik: Ungdomskulturhuset i Tasiilaq. så hvis du kunne tænke dig at give en lille gave til huset og dermed støtte ungdommen og kulturlivet, må du meget.

www.kaffemik.at The Kaffeemik, just round the corner from the Mariahilfer Straße, is an absolute must for all coffee lovers in a hurry. Made quickly but with a lot of feeling and know-how, the self-roasted coffee will give you energy for the next round of shopping in the 7th district Kaffemik in Greenland is the ultimate in social gatherings.. Come glad and eat cake the message, but it is what the invitation does not say which makes kaffemik more of a social staple than just a fun get-together Stage 1 - Prepare your Cake Dough. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and set aside a pre-oiled baking dish; Start by taking a small bowl and sprinkling your dry active yeast over your 1/4 cup of lukewarm water, but do not stir

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Humpback and finwhales are the most common whales, but it is not all that rare to see Greenland whales as well coming up to surface to suck in air. When it breathes it shoots the air upwards before it slowly dissapears beneath the waves. When it comes to the wildernes of nature, we are unfortunately not able to give any guarantees This gave the town great wealth. Now it's on its way to obscurity with declining job opportunities and connections to mainland. The local community centre hosts a traditional Greenlandic kaffemik, best described as a friendly gathering with coffee, cake and traditional dances and music

Pictures From an Arctic Expedition Cruise to Greenland; Pictures From an Arctic Expedition Cruise to Greenland. Save. were given the chance to enter one of several homes for a kaffemik, a. Sussi missed the Greenlandic tradition of kaffemik while living in Denmark. It is an informal way of celebrating events like birthdays, where all guests drop by for a short while and leave when the next guest needs the seat — but not before tasting every single cake on the table. I want to give [Greenland] to my children Vi er en lille familie med Carl fra apr 2015, Smilla fra aug 2010, mor Anne fra '83 og far Søren fra '78. Vi har oprettet bloggen for at familie, venner og andre interesserede kan følge os i vores tur til Grønland. Du er altid velkommen til at skrive kommentarer eller en mail til os, hvis du vil give ris/ros eller forslag til forbedringer Kaffemik/Ideer/Opskrifter. 1,2 tusind Synes godt om. Upload dine bedste billeder, opskrifter eller ideer til kaffemik Selv om regnen stod ned i stride strømme, rokkede det ikke ved Piareersarfik Qaqortoqs traditionsrige kaffemik, sidste fredag i juli, hvor nyuddannede får overrakt eksamensbeviser. Kaffe-mikarrangementet rykkede nemlig blot indendøre. Nogle fik overrakt deres uddannelsesbevis, mens andre først afslutter og får bevis senere på året

On Thursday, our last day, we explored the town of Kangerlussuaq by visiting the school, the museum, and partaking in a kaffemik at Nini's home. Our first stop was the school, which has about 80 students ranging from preschool to eighth grade Her i Grønland er det tradition at man kommer til kaffemik når der er en som har fødselsdag og man har en lille gave med til fødselaren, den tradition er jeg helt med på, så møder man nogle af de lokale og viser respekt for dem og deres familie Greenlandic Food: a Protocol. Living off the Land, in a very direct way, is a way of life for people in Greenland. With very little flat, arable land and a short summer growing season (especially in the arctic latitudes), sourcing food has been historically very difficult For mig er kaffemik selve essensen af grønlandsk madkultur. Vi samles med venner, familie og bekendte om en festlig begivenhed. Vi serverer mad af råvarer, som vi har fanget eller samlet i naturen, bager kager i hobetal og fortæller med stolthed, hvordan dyret blev nedlagt, eller hvilke ingredienser der er anvendt KAFFEMIK. The next activity that I joined in was the traditional Kaffemik, Greenlandic or Inuit for Via Coffee, it's Greenland's social gathering with coffee and sweets to celebrate life, like births, birthdays, or any achievements in their lives

Jeg fik at vide, at jeg selvfølgelig skulle smage alle slags, men efter tre-fire stykker måtte jeg give op. Der er selvfølgelig også kaffe til kaffemik - og heldigvis også te J Hvis man tømmer sin kop, bliver man straks tilbudt mere - der mangler ikke noget! Efter tyve minutter er det meget normalt, at man tager hjem, og det virker helt. Altid en god lejlighed til kaffemik. Der er altid en god anledning til kaffemik på Grønland, men især børnefødselsdage, konfirmationer, bryllupper og andre særlige dage som når man har skudt sin første sæl bør fejres. Er du heldig og bliver inviteret til kaffemik, så husk at medbringe en gave til værtinden What country do you hate the most and why? give award Breeze_in_the_Trees and was invited into a home for Kaffemik, like brunch but with coffee, tea, cake and.

Kaffemik og tårer på Aarhus Rådhus Der var lagkage til kaffemikken på Aarhus Rådhus i år. Det havde den 90-årige, tidligere borgmester Thorkild Simonsen sørget for som vært Der er altså mange grunde til at lægge vejen forbi Løvstræde i København. Enten i forbindelse med et af husets arrangementer, som man kan orientere sig om på Det Grønlandske Hus' hjemmeside www.sumut.dk - eller ved et spontant besøg, hvor du måske kan være heldig at løbe ind i en uhøjtidelig grønlandsk kaffemik

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  1. Overnight stay in Ilimanaq Lodge 1 night Ilimanaq Lodge is established on the intention of giving something back to the local community in Greenland. By having an overnight stay in Ilimanaq Lodge you help the local community to gain wealth and better opportunities
  2. Kaffemik i et grønlandsk hjem. 27. september, 2008 at 17:16 (Uncategorized) Invitationen Dette er en ret skæg fortælling. Vi står på Air Greenlands kontor og er ved at købe billetter til kystskibet, sådan at vi i kan rejse en uges tid til Qaqortoq (Julianehåb) i Sydgrønland
  3. Der er kaffemik for Charlotte Petersen på Utoqqaat Illuat klokken 14 til 16.30. Her vil borgmester Nikolaj Heinrich holde tale og overrække en gave, og der vil bliver sunget og spillet harmonika. Charlotte Petersen deler fødselsdag med en anden stor personlighed
  4. Min nabo, en dansk sygeplejerske som er her i 3 måneder, sammen med mand og 3 børn, holdt kaffemik i dag og når man skal til kaffemik, har men altid en lille gave med


  1. Onsdag sluttede regentparrets sommertogt i Grønland. Alle steder blev Kongeskibet modtaget med flag og smil, og regentparret har oplevet, hvordan man levede i Grønland i gamle dage, smagt på lokale madvarer og prøvet lokalt tøj
  2. g strong again! Greenland Time Is Here! In the far and northern reaches.
  3. Paper is by far the most common filtration method; metal and cloth are less so. The texture of your coffee is affected by what you filter it with. Metal will let oils in coffee slip through and give the coffee more body, while paper will keep the oils and give a lighter, but more transparent cup
  4. Kaffemik i Gymnasiets nye aula Kl. 15.30 Regentparret deltager i kaffemik med Nuuk borgere. Under kaffemikken overrækkes kommunens gave, og Arctic Winter Games underholder med inuit games efterfulgt af musikalske og kulturelle indslag. Reception på Kongeskibet Dannebrog Kl. 19.00 Regentparret afholder reception på Kongeskibet Dannebrog

De sidste 10 dage har budt på Isa's fødselsdag, kaffemik, snescooter, skolefest, julefrokost, og i aften er vi inviteret til Thanksgiving. Tiden er fløjet afsted og vi har nydt hvert øjeblik. I forbindelse med Isabells fødselsdag havde vi inviteret pigerne til fødselsdag i svømmehallen. De fik kagedame, drinks og badet en masse Kaffemik holdes oftest ved højtider som barnedåb, fødselsdag eller når man har skudt sin første sæl. Kaffemik er en slags åbent hus, hvor gæsterne hygger sig sammen ca.3-4 timer. Ved sammenkomsten drikkes der kaffe og spises kage. Grønlænderne er meget gæstfrie, og alle er velkommen til kaffemik Lidt om teknik allergi og gave til mig selv Skal til kaffemik hos en gammel kollega. Det bliver bare så godt Kram. Svar Slet. Svar. Mosekonen 06.05.2015 08.20

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I want to give it to my children. I want to give them the sailing trips, the kaffemik, the scent of heather, the playing with other children in the streets and on the rocks, Sussi says. She recalls all of these things from her own childhood and remembers how difficult it was when her family moved to Denmark, when she was 8 years old Each of our holidays is a personal experience and our goal is to design an itinerary that matches your dream trip. Below is a 4 day / 3 night sample itinerary to give you a general idea of our Ilulissat Summer Adventure Kaffemik - Cafe 1070. Kaffemik's name may be Greenlandic, but the coffee is international, featuring new, independent roasters on a monthly basis. So if you're a caffeine addict who likes variety, give them a visit and taste the new brew. They also sell choice accessories for coffee lovers and hold brewing workshops. Mon-Fri, 8:00-18:0 gave. Så tag godt imod både Kirkebladet og de vakse spejdere. Projekter og planer Kirkegården På kirkegården har vi haft første besøg af to kirkegårdsarki-tekter. De vil give os et bud på en plan for kirkegården for de næste mange år. Ja, vi skal faktisk lave en 50 års-plan. I september vil vi modtage første udkast til en.

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Efterår og nordlys i Grønland Du kan ikke undgå at blive fascineret af nordlyset. Du kigger op, indtil du får ondt i nakken. Når himlen fyldes med grønne, gule og lilla farver og det bølger og blafrer på himlen, er det ubegribeligt, hvorfor det ikke larmer I'll be spending a few ways in Wien. We already checked out the Coffee Pirates and the Fenster Cafe today. Any suggestions for other coffee houses.. A lot of Greenlandic families are pleased to open their homes to guests and invite them to a kaffemik. The kaffemik is an ancient tradition in Greenland. Greenlanders will hold a kaffemik to celebrate any occasion - such as special family events. SikuAput will give you the opportunity to experience Greenlandic hospitality Stroll through Greenland's coastal towns and experience local culture during a traditional kaffemik, or friendly gathering with coffee, cake, music and dance. Learn about Iceland's past and present, from the legends of Iceland's ancient parliament and waterfalls along the Golden Circle to the refreshing waters of the Blue Lagoon

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Signe har vigtigere ting at tage sig til i dag (sengeredning, booking af værelser, servicesmil og overblik), så nu vil jeg skrive lidt om de seneste dage i Grønland, mens jeg nyder den fantastiske udsigt over hav og fjeld fra Sømandshjemmets dagligstue I Mamrelund, et gammel menighedshus - koldt og lidt kedeligt sted - var der i dag inviteret til kaffemik og Henning Borchert Jørgensen fortalte om sine indtryk fra Grønland, da han var leder af Mittafeqarfiit, Grønlands lufthavne DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art

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Jeg var til kaffemik forleden, og som traditionen byder, blev der blandt andet serveret grønlandsk kage. Dette stykke bagværk smager himmelsk - og det bliver slet ikke ringere, hvis det bliver smurt med et solidt lag tandsmør, som man har for vane visse steder i Grønland. Kaffemik er en væsentlig del af den grønlandske kultur. Ordet er dansk Dette er Forsvarets officielle kanal. Hverdagen i Forsvaret er andet end besparelser og omlægninger, og selvom den dagsorden med rette har fyldt en del de seneste år, er det langt fra hele.

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There is the story of my great uncle buying Coffee for his mother - My great great grandmother - on the black market during World War II. Another about how people would give a cow coffee after it gave birth to a calf, the Greenlandic coffee tradition Kaffemik, and many more Kaffemik i Odense Besøgstjenesten i Odense blev udpeget til prisen Kaffemik i besøgstjenesten i november I Ældre Sagen i Odense er der gennem årene gjort en stor og vedvarende frivillig indsats for at få flere frivillige besøgsvenner og bringe frivillige venner og værter sammen When people are asked to give their first thoughts when they hear the word Greenland, it is very few who say marathon, running or even sport. Most people would probably think of eskimos, ice or cold. But the fact is that Greenland has two annual marathons, one in Nuuk and one in Aasiaat Kaffemik. To change a culture, you need passion and commitment and you can quote me on that, so when I heard that some guys who were fed up with drinking bad coffee during their coffee breaks/lunchtime decided to open up a small café near their office, so, that they could at least have a decent cup of coffee during their breaks, I was impressed

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The Greenlandic national costume and Kaffemik - coffee with a local family: We start our tour at 13.30 at the office of Tupilak Travel, one of our local partners in Nuuk. Here, we will meet our guide and walk together to Kittat, an Econo Museum placed right across from the National Museum that we visited yesterday greenland today. NO. 20 2014. It gave him the courage to think about being an artist. Ears are to hang glasses on When there are no disturbances from the constant sounds of the surrounding.

It's not our aim to condone or condemn, but simply to give you insight into the culture here. The 24th of December is the day the Greenlanders spend with family. The 25th of December is the day they spend with friends. The 26th of December is a day forvisiting around town. Late at night on the 23rd the houses are decorated Torsdag eftermiddag var jeg til 1½ times massage hos Mercy igen. Det er velvære for krop og sjæl. En gave, jeg fik af Preben. Hvis jeg havde vidst, hvor meget jeg ville have nydt det efter en dag, en uge, en måned eller et års arbejde, havde jeg nok fået et 10 turs kort til massage hos Mercy forhandlet med i lønnen. (Sofie ). Det er. Nemrégiben Bécsben jártunk, aminek az lett a következménye, hogy már a kaffemik-ben is kóstolhatjátok a Los Pirineos farmról érkező el salvadori kávénkat. A farm már több, mint 120 éve a Baraona család tulajdonában van, ami alatt nyolcszor nyerték meg a Cup of Excellence díjat El Salvadorban Helsingør og Nordsjælland har fået en ny forening for grønlændere og Grønlands-interesserede. Den hedder Kalaaliaraq (Lille grønlænder) og holdt sin første kaffemik lørdag eftermiddag.helsingør: Frivilligcentret på Kronborgvej var fyldt til sidste plads, da foreningen Kalaaliaraq holdt kaffemik.Der var kommet grønlændere og folk med interesse for Grønland fra Hornbæk. Expanding brood: The Princess gave birth to twins Vincent and Josephine in January 2011. and participated in Kaffemik, a traditional social gathering where guests meet and drink coffee.. Reserve a table at Bros Pizza, Vienna on TripAdvisor: See 39 unbiased reviews of Bros Pizza, rated 4 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #1,456 of 4,240 restaurants in Vienna